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Journal of Paleontological Techniques is a peer-reviewed journal focus on paleontological methods and Techniques, including articles (...)



Journal of Paleontological Techniques

Paleontology is a comprehensive domain of Science which is growing fast becoming more and more attractive to a great audience. The fossils explain us the origin and evolution of the species, with all its implication. Dinosaurs and other fossils attract thousand of visitors to the museums and are frequent subjects of news and documentaries.

The quality of the discoveries is often proportional to the quality of the methods and techniques used in the paleontology, in special those related with the Preparation, which is the cleanness, consolidation, protection, reconstruction of the fossils, since it is collecting until they are ready for exhibition and study. (...)



New Staff and Instructions for Authors at the Journal of Paleontological Techniques

The Journal of Paleontological Techniques welcomes our new editor-in-chief, Emanuel Tschopp. Emanuel Tschopp is about to finish his PhD in Paleontology at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. He’s working on the evolution of diplodocid sauropods, and also published some technical papers on 3D reproduction and retrodeformation. The main goal of this appointment is the inclusion of JPT into more scientific indices, and the creation of a clearer organization and structure of the journal.

Many thanks go to Ricardo Araújo, who did a great job as the previous enthusiastic  editor-in-chief of the journal. He made a lot for the publicity of the venue, and will still be part of the editorial team. As before, Octávio Mateus, Rui Castanhinha, and Carla Tomás complete the team.

Meanwhile, JPT also updated the Instructions for Authors. Please check the page before submitting - even though you won’t have to follow the guidelines for the initial submission of your manuscript. We don’t want you to make useless formatting before knowing if the manuscript will be accepted!


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