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Bulletin nº 1

Jabo, S.J.; Kroehler, P.A. and Grady, F.V. 2006. A technique to create form-fitted, padded plaster jackets for conserving vertebrate fossil specimens. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 1: 1-6

Bulletin  nº 2

Mateus, O.; Overbeeke, M. and Rita, F. 2008. Dinosaur Frauds, Hoaxes and “Frankensteins”: How to distinguish fake and genuine vertebrate fossils, Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 2: 1-5.

Bulletin  nº 3

Mateus, O. and Araújo, R. 2008. Stone-Splitters and expansive demolition agents in vertebrate paleontological excavations, Journal  of  Paleontological  Techniques, 3:1-6.

Bulletin  nº 4

Stidham, T.A. and Mason, J., 2009. A Quick Method For Collecting Modern Small-Scale Ichnological And Sedimentological Structures, Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 4: 1-4.

Bulletin  nº 5

Araújo, R., Mateus, O., Walen, A. and Christiansen, N., 2009. Preparation techniques applied to a stegosaurian dinosaur from Portugal. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 5: 1-23.

Bulletin  nº 6

Abstract Book for the  International conference on Geological collections and museums : mission and management

Bulletin  nº 7

Mitchell, J.S. and Heckert, A.B., 2010. The setup, use and efficacy of sodium polytungstate separation methodology with respect to microvertebrate remains. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 7: 1-12.

Bulletin  nº 8

Clark, N. D. L. and Daly, C., 2010. Using confocal laser scanning microscopy to image trichome inclusions in amber. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 8: 1-7.

Bulletin  nº 9

Araújo, R., Natário, C. and Pound, M. (2011). How to mount an inexpensive sieving lab. Journal of paleontological techniques. 9:1-8

Bulletin  nº 10

Tschopp, E. and Dzemski, G., 2012. 3-Dimensional Reproduction Techniques to preserve and spread paleontological material – a case study with a diplodocid Sauropod neck.  Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 10: 1-8

Bulletin  nº 11

Falkingham, Peter L., 2013. Low Cost 3D Scanning using off the shelf video gaming peripherals.  Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 11: 1-9.

Bulletin  nº 12

H Mallison, H. and Wings, O., 2014. Photogrammetry in paleontology – a practical guide. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 12: 1-31.

Special Number nº 13

1º Internacional conservation  symposium - workshop

Bulletin  nº 14

Fahlke, J.M. and Autenrieth, M., 2016. Photogrammetry vs. Micro-CT scanning for 3D surface generation of a typical vertebrate fossil – A case study. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 14:1-18.

     Special Number Nº15

2º Internacional conservation  symposium - workshop

Bulletin  nº 16

Hegna, T.A. and Johnson, R.E. (2016). Preparation of fossil and osteological 3D-printable models from freely available CT-scan movies. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 16:1-10.

Book Review nº1


Bulletin Nº17

Mateus, S. and Tschopp, E. (2017). Scientific illustration and reconstruction of a skull of the diplodocid sauropod dinosaur Galeamopus. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 17:1-11.

Bulletin Nº18

Santella, M. and Milner, A.R.C. (2017). Coupling focus stacking with photogrammetry to illustrate small fossil teeth. Journal of Paleontological Techniques, 18:1-17.

Bulletin Nº19

Borgwardt, T. C., D. P. Wells, D. C. Pagnac, Z. Sun, and C. R. Segebade. 2018. A test of a non-consumptive nuclear forensics technique using Photon Activation Analysis of fossils and source matrices. Journal of Paleontological Techniques 19: 1-14.



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