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Journal of Paleontological Techniques is a peer-reviewed journal focus on paleontological methods and Techniques, including articles (...)




Journal of Paleontological Techniques

Created in 2006, the Journal of Paleontological Techniques (JPT) aims to promote and facilitate the sharing of techniques and methodologies in paleontological research. These include techniques of excavation, collection, conservation, preparation, and exhibition of (fossil) specimens, as well as new scientific methodologies and approaches for paleontological studies. Therefore, we accept a wide variety of articles, ranging from excavation reports, papers in preparation techniques, new methodologies in the scientific study of fossils, and collection catalogues, among others. (...)



The Journal of Paleontological Techniques welcomes its new scientific editors from Argentina, Germany, Italy, Belgium, South Africa, France, and UK! We’re happy to become more and more international, and now also cover many more technique expertises than ever before. Thanks to this fantastic team! Furthermore, we appointed Femke Holwerda as Alternate Editor-in-Chief. She will handle editorial practices in cases where the main Editor-in-Chief is involved in the manuscript, and take over some important issues concerning journal management.

We also want to thank our new financial supporters, who cover the production costs of a certain amount of upcoming papers: The Curry Fund of the Geologist’s Association, the European Association of Vertebrate Palaeontologists, and Transmitting Science. Their support will allow us to maintain quality and excellence of our papers.

Meanwhile, JPT also updated the Instructions for Authors. Please check the page before submitting - even though you won’t have to follow the guidelines for the initial submission of your manuscript. We don’t want you to make useless formatting before knowing if the manuscript will be accepted!


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